Inspired the bold projects that followed.

EVENTS 2022-23


The Sri Lanka Rotaract Model United Nations (SLRMUN) Conference, the crown jewel of RMMUN, stands as a prestigious and widely recognized Model United Nations (MUN) event in Sri Lanka. Unique in being organized by a university-based Rotaract Club, SLRMUN and RMMUN aims to connect young leaders, foster global discussions, and promote peace and mutual understanding.

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Human Rights


Congrego was launched with the aim of introducing participants to the Model United Nations (MUN) culture and equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for success at the Sri Lanka Rotaract Model United Nations (SLRMUN). This project served as a vital stepping stone, enabling participants to understand RMMUN as a whole, foster teamwork, and hone their problem-solving abilities. Through meaningful discussions, participants gained insight into the broader scope of RMMUN. It consisted of two main segments: ‘Talk with Notes’ and a Training Session for MUN.

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UN Days was a dynamic initiative that harnessed the power of designated International Days to inspire global awareness and action. The project highlighted the United Nations’ recognition of the significance of International Days in raising awareness and spurring action on global issues. The subproject UN Days consisted of 2 major initiatives: a blog series and a flyer series.

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