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Events 2022-23



Congrego was launched with the aim of introducing participants to the Model United Nations (MUN) culture and equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for success at the Sri Lanka Rotaract Model United Nations (SLRMUN). This project served as a vital stepping stone, enabling participants to understand RMMUN as a whole, foster teamwork, and hone their problem-solving abilities. Through meaningful discussions, participants gained insight into the broader scope of RMMUN. It consisted of two main segments: ‘Talk with Notes’ and a Training Session for MUN.

Talk with Notes


A lively physical event named ‘Talk with Notes’ took place on January 16, 2023. This ice-breaker event featured music, as participants could request songs performed by the music crew, creating an engaging atmosphere. While the setting was fun, the discussions were educational, with participants becoming aware of RMMUN’s sub-projects, especially the SLRMUN conference.

Training Session for MUN

A training session on resolution writing and moderated caucus, held via Zoom on February 1, 2023, was facilitated by experienced SLMUN chairs, Mr. Mohamed Muftee and Mr. Pranesh Fernando. These sessions aimed to accommodate participants new to MUN, offering detailed explanations of key aspects.  

Resolution writing, a fundamental skill in MUN, involves drafting formal documents proposing solutions to global issues. These documents, developed collaboratively by delegates, must be well-structured, clear, and concise, outlining specific steps to address the issue at hand. The sessions highlighted the importance of this process, fostering research, writing, public speaking, and negotiation skills, and promoting international cooperation.

The training also covered moderated caucus, a formal debate within MUN conferences moderated by the chair. Delegates engage in focused discussions on specific topics, speaking, questioning, and proposing solutions related to the committee’s agenda. These sessions emphasized the need for constructive discussions, negotiation, and collaboration, fostering public speaking, research, and negotiation skills, and promoting international cooperation.

Project Chairpersons

Rtr. Amasha Weerasinghe

Rtr. Amalsha Madunethmi

Rtr. Pasan Rathnayaka